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Explicite Art is among the porn sites that takes no inhibitions. Well, the name says it all, you know, “explicit” with an E at the end. But anyway, this is by far among the truly innovative porn hub sites I’ve came through by content. I mean, sure the categories are pretty much the same, you know, blow jobs, cum shots, MILF, cougar, amateur teens and whatnot, but the kind of stuff they inject to those categories are rather majestic. Aside from the fact that all the videos are in HD form, they have rich story lines and wonderful actors.

You will certainly get a lot. Perhaps a little bit more than what you have to spend. For videos, there are over 1100 plus currently available to amount to your hedonistic calculator. Again, they are all in HD form and are downloadable in several different formats. There are also picture sets, 1200 plus actually and in every pic set, there are 80 photographs and that gives you a lot to stare at and do wishful thinking with.

The price for Explicite Art’s monthly membership runs at $29.95 and you can opt to the annual subscription which would save you a couple more bucks from having to renew your membership every month. With the exceptional content they’ve gathered in this site, you’d feel like having gotten more than what you paid for. Enjoy!